The condition of your skin is a reflection of your overall wellbeing. Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin requires a holistic approach that incorporates mechanical and topical treatments, but also considers nutrition, mindset and other lifestyle factors as key components.

Our holistic Wellness Services include Nutritional and Lifestyle Training Programs as well as Educational Seminars that provide the perfect complement to mechanical and topical skin care treatments. In depth exploration of the following topics can help uncover keys to a greater understanding of how wellness can impact skin health.



There’s a strong connection between the gut and the skin. Our body is full of good and bad bacteria, both on the inside in our digestive tract and also on the outside on our skin. In the digestive track these bacteria help you make vitamins and keep your immune system in check. When the balance is right, you look and feel well. When the balance is disrupted due to stress, medications, or poor nutrition inflammation occurs. Good nutrition provides the substrate needed to make new skin cells and control inflammation. 




The role of water or hydration in our skin health is multi-faceted. Our cells require water to carry nutrients to the cells, flush out or excrete toxins, and aid in digestion. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dehydrated – flaccid and wrinkled. Water within the cells plays such an important role in many metabolic pathways, including energy production. Without water the nutrients we eat may not be delivered to the cells throughout the body! To encourage healthy cell turnover and reveal new skin, you need to be properly hydrated everyday.


Environmental Exposures


Did you know that your skin is a super absorber of compounds? Your skin is a major component of your immune system and acts as your first line of defense against environmental toxins found in pollution in the air and from UV radiation. Your skin can also absorb harmful, chemicals applied to the skin from personal care products. Protection from these toxins can be found in both dietary antioxidants and those applied to the skin in clean skincare.

Stress & Mental Outlook


When a person becomes stressed, the level of the body’s stress hormone called cortisol rises. This increase signals your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which leads to oily skin and acne. Stress also makes it more difficult for skin to heal because it reduces the barrier function of the skin, resulting in water loss and an inability to repair damage after injury. As you know, you skin is your first line of defense from all sorts of environmental toxins – from UV radiation to pollutants. Keeping your skin healthy is critical to maintain overall health.


Physical Activity


We’re all familiar with how good exercise can be for your health, but many are not aware of how beneficial it is for your skin. Exercise increases blood flow, promoting cell oxygenation and delivering essential nutrients throughout the body and skin. Blood circulation helps to carry away free radicals, toxins, and flush debris from your pores. Studies show an improvement in skin conditions such as acne and eczema through reduced inflammation, regulated hormones, and the prevention of damage from free radicals.




We’ve all heard the expression “beauty sleep”, but is there anything behind this expression? Does getting adequate rest really help us look better? The answer is yes, and it goes beyond more than just the obvious dark circles that show up under our eyes when we don’t get enough sleep. Cell turnover and regeneration occur during our sleep. This includes all cells, so the cells that support our skin renew too.

Our Goal is to Help Skin Care Professionals Offer Customized, Comprehensive and Effective Solutions for Every Client

Nutrition & Skin Care Seminars

Our seminars are all about achieving healthy skin the holistic way for lasting results.


These seminars are comprehensive learning and interactive workshops covering the full-spectrum of important information Aestheticians and other skin care providers need to know about nutrition & lifestyle interventions for healthy skin.


In addition to teaching various inputs to skin health, these seminars will provide live-model demonstration and hands-on experience with spa equipment, in conjunction with dmSkincare™ natural skin care products.


Our Nutrition & Skin Care Seminars provide “real world” answers, give specific recommendations, and present important information…all from professional presenters with years of experience in the nutrition and skin care fields. A complimentary, nutritious meal is always provided for all who attend.


View our Seminar page for upcoming regional seminars.

Please contact us to schedule a customized wellness seminar for you & your staff.

Wellness Training Programs

Professional Wellness Training Programs are delivered at your location to help skin care professionals offer customized, comprehensive and effective solutions for every client. Increase patient results by offering holistic skin care solutions that treat the whole person. After training, skincare consumption has been shown to increase by 100%. Training topics include:


Stress and Skin Health

Utilizing nutrition and lifestyle behavior change psychology to transform stressed clients to content ones.


Nutritional Interventions 

Support hormonal changes during peri-menopause and menopause.


Holistic Approaches to Acne Management

Utilizing nutrition, lifestyle, topical and mechanical modalities.


Combating Oxidative Stress and its Negative Impact on Skin Aging

Through nutritional and antioxidant strategies.

Wellness Training Programs are Offered in the Following Formats


  • One day training program for staff and/or clients
  • One day executive training program for owners and management
  • Online training webinar series (4 sessions)
  • Weekend getaway training retreat
  • Ten week Healthy Skin Challenge for staff and/or clients


Ambassadors of Wellness

Your business can benefit by creating Ambassadors of Wellnessto help transform your business to be a provider of holistic solutions for achieving healthy skin.  By teaching staff how and why wellness plays a role in skin care, you help empower them to be an example of wellness for clients.

Offer your Staff and Clients Wellness Tools they can Utilize for a Lifetime

About Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS

The Wellness Services program has been created by our VP of Research and Development, Ginger Hodulik — a Certified Nutrition Specialist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition.


Ginger has experience working in the corporate space, creating wellness programs and health coaching protocols for the workplace setting. She brings this expertise to her role, along with her knowledge of the skin, chemistry and skin care formulation to create evidence-based recommendations and training programs, which enable you to train your staff to be Ambassadors of Wellness in the spa setting.



About Tracey Coleman, BS, LE

The Wellness Services program has been enhanced by our Customer Service and Technical Support Specialist, Tracey Coleman — a Licensed Esthetician with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


Her 20+ years in the spa industry have helped her focus on the skin’s response to wellness, recommending complementary modalities to positively impact skin concerns. Maintaining healthy, beautiful skin can be achieved with her skincare recommendations which are supported by overall wellness.


All Wellness Training programs can be tailored to meet your needs.

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