Reaction Testimonials

“We have begun using Reaction and the ReFit protocol with our liposuction procedures and have seen tremendous and exciting outcomes. Our patients are extremely satisfied with the results and we are finding that pairing fat reduction techniques with ReFit is an ideal solution for us.”


Dr. Daniel Man

MD Plastic Surgery

Boca Raton, FL



” Viora has become the go to procedure for skin tightening for those before or after a facelift or for those who aren’t ready for a facelift but want tightening of the neck and jowls.”


Thomas T Jeneby, M.D.

The Plastic & Cosmetic Center of South Texas

San Antonio, TX



“We recouped half of the purchase within three months of buying the Reaction. It can be used anywhere on the body and fills the gap for patients who do not want surgery or where a good surgical option does not exist.”


Michael Hueneke, M.D.

Plastic Surgery Affiliates

Nashville, TN


Refit is currently one of our most popular procedures.”


Stuart Melnick, MD

Founder of The Laser & Cosmetic Center



“Very few technologies that are non-invasive can give you a ‘wow’ effect – this is a WOW! Already, the fact that we can treat these areas without surgery and with such good results is resonating loudly, just by word of mouth and no external marketing.”


Dr David E Kent, M.D.

Founding Partner of Dermatologic Surgery Specialists

Macon, GA




“The decision to incorporate Reaction into my practice has been as easy one – for me it’s important to fine the best technologies for my patients and I’m very pleased after seeing the considerable results I achieved with Viora’s non invasive technology.”


Dr. Eduardo King

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon & Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Tenerife, Spain