Reaction: bi-polar multi-RF technology aesthetic device, featuring vacuum therapy, offers quick, safe treatments for various conditions, with optimal clinical results.

Reaction Puts You, the Physician, in the Drivers Seat. With Reaction at your fingertips, you’re in full control when treating patients. You manage the depth of penetration, so you can treat a patient’s entire body and face, including the forehead, jaw, and other bony areas, without worrying about causing your patient discomfort.


The Technology Behind Reaction. Reaction’s cutting edge CORE technology, applies an advanced combination of RF and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective body and facial treatments on the market. Now that you can control penetration depth, target different tissues for various treatments, and attain efficacy temperatures faster, your treatment sessions become shorter, saving you time and allowing you to work with more patients.


Following the advancements of CORE, Viora has developed a variety of special protocols for innovative treatment concepts.

CORE Technology Makes All This Possible and More.

CORE Technology at a Glance.

CORE technology (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) features three distinct RF frequency channels (0.8MHz, 1.7MHz and 2.45MHz) and an additional fourth multi-channel mode, combining all three RF frequencies. The major benefits of these multiple RF frequencies include superior treatment control, precision targeting, a broader dermal effect, and higher energy absorption for optimal clinical results.


CORE Technology Makes All This Possible and More. The power of CORE Technology makes an all in one solution viable to body and facial contouring, cellulite reduction, and tightening. Advanced CORE technology ensures enhanced precision and the utmost in flexibility, promising safer, quicker, and more comfortable treatments.




CORE Technology Gives You, the Physician, Full Control.

With CORE technology at your fingertips, you’re in the driver’s seat when treating patients. Since you control the depth of penetration, you can treat a patient’s entire body and face, including the forehead, jaw, and other bony areas, without worrying about causing your patient discomfort.


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How CORE Technology Works

CORE technology targets specific layers of the skin to precisely heat the underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers, increasing the metabolic rate of subcutaneous tissue. The 4th multi-channel mode enables the heating of all dermal layers simultaneously. The collagen then shrinks and the rigid collagen’s cross-links are broken, thereby restoring the skin’s flexibility and thickening the dermis. This results in firmer, more elastic skin.


Proven Technology for Proven Results.

Clinical tests confirm the validity of CORE technology, specifically the fact that practitioners can control penetration depth, target different tissues for a variety of treatments, and attain efficacy temperatures faster. The end results work for your benefit – shorter treatment sessions, saving you time, so you can expand your business and work with more patients.


The Vacuum Boost.

Adding the power of vacuum therapy to CORE technology maximizes the penetration of energy in the treatment area. Moreover, the four vacuum levels offer increased blood flow, enhance lymphatic drainage, and assists in the shrinkage of fat cells volume.

Read the white paper hereCORE Technology White Paper

Why Reaction™?

“Very few technologies that are non-invasive can give you a ‘wow’ effect, this is a WOW! Already, the fact that we can treat these areas without surgery and with such good results is resonating loudly, just by word of mouth and no external marketing.”

Dr David E Kent, M.D.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior treatment control & precision targeting
  • Broader dermal effect & higher energy absorption
  • Highly efficient & effective treatments with proven results
  • Cost effective with quicker treatments, for a better return on your investment
  • Safety & flexibility of a non-invasive solution
  • Works in conjunction with Viora’s ST, BC & FC hand pieces
  • Patients undergoing treatments by Viora’s Reaction™ have continuously been thrilled and satisfied with their results.


Reaction by Viora – your clinically proven, safe, effective, painless and non-invasive solution.

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Reaction™ is FDA cleared for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, relief of minor muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation.


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