The Forma-Light accelerates results comfortably with a High Pulse Density. Forma-Light is designed to provide more effective treatments with little to no patient discomfort. The unit is easily prepared for treatment with user-friendly settings and touch screen. 

Full Treatment Range

The Forma-Light is a multi-applicator system that allows practitioners to choose from 10 different IPL applicators for various treatments that include Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmented Lesions, Nail Fungus, Vascular Lesions, Skin Whitening and Acne. Practitioners merely select the relevant applicators based on the most common treatments their clinics offer. This system also allows for future expansion into new treatment areas as the clinic expands.


A Portable Machine

At just under 17 lbs., the Forma-Light is easy to move between offices or wherever else you need it. Fits neatly on a mobile trolley or standard desktop.


Fast Return on Investment

Fast return on investment (ROI) is a key factor, as the success of our clients is our success. In developing the Forma-Light, one of the main objectives was to develop a competitively priced system without compromising the quality of the technology. The ability to expand a clinic’s services by simply adding an additional applicator provides practitioners with the opportunity to grow their business at minimal cost.

Pulse Density Matters

The Forma-Light System has unique IPL technology, developed specifically to offer a high pulse density, reaching 22 J/cm² in 5 milliseconds. The density of the pulse is measured by the amount of energy emitted per cm² per time unit (J/ cm²/Millisecond). This the primary factor in determining treatment effectiveness and discomfort levels.


  • Increased Treatment Efficiency: Using Forma-Light’s high pulse density, Forma-Light’s IPL allows practitioners to offer more effective IPL treatments with results that can be seen more quickly. This is especially important when performing Hair Removal, Pigmentation and Nail Fungus Treatments.


  • Reduced Discomfort: The ability to provide a high level of energy in less than the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) means that discomfort levels are significantly reduced. The result is an effective treatment with minimal discomfort.

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