Would you just treat half of a client’s face? Then why address only part of the inputs to healthy skin?

Achieve healthy skin the holistic way for lasting results.

Incorporating Nutrition, Topical Skin Care & Mechanical Treatments in Medical Aesthetics

In addition to teaching various inputs to skin health, like how to incorporate nutrition and wellness into your practice, DermaMed Solutions seminars provide live-model demonstration and hands-on experience with the NEW geneO+ 3-in-1 Super Facial, as well as the MegaPeel EX crystal & diamond microdermabrasion machine and Quadra Q4 IPL system, in conjunction with chemical peels and professional natural skin care products by dmSkincare™.


These seminars provide “real world” answers, give specific recommendations, and present important information…all from a professional presenter with years of experience in her specific field of expertise.

Presented by: Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS

  • Catered Skin Healthy Lunch
  • Exclusive Product & Equipment Discounts
  • Full Size Product Giveaways
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Treatment Demonstrations – Hands On Experience with Equipment & Skin Care
  • Opportunity for a One-on-One Consultation with Ginger Hodulik, Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Door Prizes
  • All Class Materials Provided

Seminar Information


October 12, 2015



The Hub Cira Centre

2929 Arch Street

Mezzanine, Huntington & J. Cooke Rooms

Philadelphia, PA


Tuition Fee

$75.00 per person


Tuition Fee includes $75 worth of product credit!



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Seminar Specialists

Ginger Circle

Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS

Our seminars are presented by Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS – VP of Research and Development and Certified Nutrition Specialist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition. Ginger believes that healthy skin is best achieved with a whole-person approach incorporating mechanical, topical and wellness inputs.


Ginger has experience working in the corporate space, creating wellness programs and health coaching protocols for the workplace setting. She brings this expertise to her role, along with her knowledge of the skin, chemistry and skin care formulation to create evidence-based recommendations.

Tracey Circle

Tracey Coleman, BS, LE

Medical Aesthetic Seminars have been enhanced by our Licensed Esthetician, Customer Service, and Technical Support Specialist, Tracey Coleman.


Her 20+ years in the spa industry have helped her focus on the skin’s response to wellness, recommending complementary modalities to positively impact skin concerns. Maintaining healthy, beautiful skin can be achieved with her skincare recommendations which are supported by overall wellness.


Tracey performs all spa equipment & skin care demonstrations as well as answers any aesthetic questions you may have.

Kelly Circle

Kelly Conlan, BS

Marketing & Communications Director, Kelly Conlan, will be on hand to answer any questions on geo-marketing solutions as well as content and promotional development.


Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with Marketing & Management Options, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

Seminar Schedule



Lecture I

“Glow – From the Inside Out “ – Discussing the various inputs to optimal skin health – from diet and hydration, to lifestyle and sleep.


Demo I

NeoBright OxyGeneo Facial Demonstration with the NEW geneO+ 3-in-1 Oxygen Facial + Ultrasound


Lunch Break 

Complimentary Skin-Healthy Lunch will be provided

Lecture II

“Get the Outside Glow” – Teaching various inputs for skin health using different modalities of resurfacing and rejuvenation, in addition to in-depth skin care ingredient education. Practice building tips will be provided.


Demo II

Hydra Bright Facial demonstration with the NEW MegaPeel EX Hybrid Crystal & Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine




Q & A

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If you would like more information, please contact us at 610-358-4447.


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