Silicone Mask - Anti-Aging Protocol Kit

Collagen building and skin brightening is easily achieved with this treatment protocol. The silicone mask forces toxins in the dermis to rise to the epidermis in the form of perspiration. As the toxins burn off, the remaining water grabs the skincare nutrients and drives them into the dermal layer, creating super hydration to all layers of the skin, treating where damage begins – and where new collagen production begins.


Microdermabrasion as an optional step is recommended for increased results.

Protocol Kit Includes

botana-gel cleanser™ – with green tea

A mild, gel-based, foamy cleanser containing light alpha and beta hydroxy’s for gentle exfoliation.


collagen renewal C’reme™

A silky, light-weight, yet highly effective moisturizer with skin renewal properties. and aids in collagen formation, line and redness reduction and maintaining a healthy, vibrant glow.


high potenC serum™

This serums formula replaces necessary constituents of collagen, elastin and vascular protection. Contains 10% Vitamin C giving some environmental protection and leaves skin illuminated.

daily eclipse™ – oil free sunscreen with SPF 30 

Oil-free, physical barrier protection cream that uses no chemical sunscreen ingredients in the formula and can be used after any strong skin treatment with no worry of burning or irritation.


silicone treatment mask

A mask is made of medical grade, silicone. Its purpose is to create a seal on the surface of the skin. This action locks in the skin’s natural moisture to rehydrate the stratum corneum layer resulting in a fresher, healthier glow. 

Return On Investment

Investing in the Anti-Aging Silicone Mask Protocol Kit results in additional revenue stream and expanding client base. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. The Anti-Aging Silicone Treatment Mask Protocol Kit can contribute significant income to your bottom line while giving your client immediate results for tighter, glowing, more beautiful skin.

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