Régenique Medical Skin Rejuvenation Protocol is a therapeutic, deep heat protocol developed for anti-aging. It is used to exfoliate the skin, reduce inflammation, increase local blood circulation, re-educate facial muscles, and drive clinical skincare products deep into the dermis.

Régenique is a 3-Part Protocol

Step I – MegaPeel EX® Microdermabrasion

The MegaPeel EX® is an innovative hybrid machine that delivers the best of both worlds – crystal and diamond microdermabrasion.


Microdermabrasion prepares the skin by removing the resistive stratum corneum layer of the epidermis (top layer of the skin). This exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the epidermis and allows for a better ExcellaWave treatment, as well as better absorption of skincare.

Step II – ExcellaWave Ultrasound & Electrical Stimulation

ExcellaWave ultrasound heats multiple layers of the skin while at the same time creating a deep therapeutic massage to the tissue with electrical stimulation.

Pre-programmed settings for specific skin conditions such as anti-aging and scar management prepare the skin for the condition specific skincare products in the final step.

Step III – dmSkincare™ Products

dmSkincare™ is combined with a silicone mask for maximum absorption of topical skincare products into the heated dermis. The silicone mask forces the toxins in the dermis to rise to the epidermis in the form of perspiration. The toxins burn off in the remaining perspiration, then through heat & moisture, topical skincare is infused into the dermal layer.

This “super-hydration” in the dermal layers of the skin, and the treatment of the skin condition at this dermal level, promotes the production of fibroblast and collagen.

The Results

Studies reflect that 87% of patients utilizing the Régenique medical skin procedure showed compacted neocollegen and increased organization of the reticular dermis resulting in ultimate regeneration of the skin. A scientific basis for tone improvement, dramatic wrinkle reduction, renewed texture and overall enhanced appearance, Régenique is a better treatment for aging, acne, pigmentation, and scars.



Return On Investment

Boost your existing microdermabrasion treatments by adding Régenique Medical Skin Rejuvenation to your medical skincare services, while at the same time increase revenue generation. The Régenique program offers you the quickest payback of any skincare treatment system on the market. The Régenique medical skin rejuvenation program costs a fraction of laser equipment and returns so much more on your investment.

At DermaMed Solutions, we want your practice to offer the best treatments possible. We can share protocols to help meet your patient’s needs while also generating more revenue. This combination treatment will offer your patients excellent results which will boost patient satisfaction and thus increase repeat business and referrals.

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