Skin Inc Sits Down With Owner Ginger Hodulik To Discuss The Nutrition of Beautiful Skin


Discussed in the video is how Ginger got involved with nutrition, the scope of practice for a skin care professional, top beauty foods, recognizing inflammatory skin conditions linked to diet, and beauty supplements and nutrition for sensitive skin. Watch here.

Ginger Hodulik earned a bachelor of science degree in foods and nutrition and a master’s degree in nutrition from the College of Saint Elizabeth (New Jersey). She earned the certified nutrition specialist designation from the Board of Certification of Nutrition Specialists. Hodulik is a member of the Center for Nutrition Advocacy and a volunteer with the American College of Nutrition. Her professional affiliations include the certification board for Nutrition Specialists, and the American Nutrition Association. She also serves on the legislative outreach committee for the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists A popular public speaker on a variety of nutrition topics, Hodulik has presented to a variety of organizations nationally. Her subjects have included nutrition for healthy skin; natural skin care products; wellness program engagement strategies; health coaching; behavior change strategy; the critical role of vitamin D in health and cancer prevention; and nutrition for women (particularly during peri-menopause and menopause).

Ginger has also written articles for Skin Inc, such as, Fruit of the Vine: The Mighty Grape and Skin Synergy: Topical and Oral Nutrition.