Dermatology Times

Our daily eclipse duo™ – SPF 30 has been featured in the August issue of Dermatology Times!


DermaMed Solutions

Combo has natural mineral barrier lotion

dmSkincare’s daily eclipse duo, is a combination product containing a natural mineral barrier lotion and mineral makeup that ensures protection from the sun and environmental toxins.  With a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, it is also ideal for people with sensitive skin, lupus, or other skin disorders, according to the company.  daily eclipse can be worn alone, layered with dmSkincare makeup and/or a dmSkincare moisturizer or serum.  The products are light, oil-free and leave the skin smooth and radiant looking, without feeling greasy, the company says.  

The makeup comes in three colors, designed for different skintones.  The new daily eclipse duo contains the barrier protection lotion, mineral makeup and an appilcator brush.  The light reflecting minerals in the makeup impart a healthy looking and radiant glow to the face while protecting the skin from environmental damage. ”