Announcing New Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends

Tap the science and power of essential oils to deliver a unique and beneficial massage experience to your clients. Developed by a PhD, with expertise in essential oils and their physiological benefits, our massage oils allow you to take your treatments to a therapeutic level with specifically formulated scientific-based blends.

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Our calm and balance™ blend provides aromatherapeutic relief for stressed, anxious clients. Frankincense is the star of this blend and the major essential oil ingredient, comprising 62.5% of the total essential oil components. It provides a base for calming without sedating, improves mood, and imparts a relaxed yet gentle re-energized feeling. Lavender, mandarin orange, neroli and ylang ylang round out this zen blend.

Our soothe and restore™ blend provides soothing support for achy, sore and inflamed muscles. It is a beautiful mixture of lavender, eucalyptus, ginger, and silver fir; a combination specifically chosen to offer analgesic and anti-inflammatory support. Your clients from athletes to fibromyalgia sufferers will realize the benefits of this blend.

These massage oils are also offered as Back Bar products.

Don’t be fooled by companies that offer “Fragrant” Oils or “Fragrance” Oils. Those oils are synthetic and likely have no medicinal properties, in fact, they can be quite harmful. Often times synthetic oils are advertised as “100% Pure”. Unfortunately they are 100% Pure Synthetic Chemicals. At DermaMed Solutions, we only sell 100% Pure NATURAL products, i.e. no synthetics.

Published by DermaMed Solutions