An Interview with Mark Pinsley of DermaMed Solutions – Healthy Skin Starts with a Healthy Gut

Recently, the weekly newspaper Lehigh Valley Business profiled Mark Pinsley, President of DermaMed Solutions, one of the leading Microdermabrasion equipment and professional skincare companies in the United States.

Pinsley discussed the growth of DermaMed Solutions with his home-town business periodical, as well as new initiatives that he and his business partner, Ginger Hodulik, have brought to the skincare business.

The article, written by Melinda Rizzo, appeared in the March 30, 2015 edition of Lehigh Valley Business. The following is an edited text of the article; the original can be found online at

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Skin care is big business, and one regional firm wants to get the word out that healthy skin starts with a healthy gut. DermaMed Solutions LLC, based in Lenni, Delaware County, and co-owned by a Lehigh Valley man, is expanding its market niche of providing proprietary microdermabrasion medical equipment to spas and dermatologists. It has added wellness education, seminars and workshops and nutritional supplements to its lineup.

Co-owners and business partners Mark Pinsley and Ginger Hodulik are on a mission to provide holistic, innovative products and services to skincare professionals. Although their customer base includes professional spas and dermatology offices, DermaMed Solutions also offers home skincare products to the public.

Pinsley, who lives in South Whitehall Township, said a goal this year is to expand the business into the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Intentional skincare practices are no longer limited to, or exclusively marketed, to women. It is estimated that by 2016, the global skincare market alone is expected to be worth about $121 billion, according to Statista, an information website. Since buying the DermaMed Solutions business entity in 2011, demand and sales have increased by roughly 20 percent, according to Pinsley.

“And sales of our dmSkincare line have doubled,” Pinsley said, of the professional and at-home product lines.

Hodulik said she aims to make customers more mindful of the vital connection between a person’s gut health and skin health.

“There is a big void to be served out there. Our mission is to inform and provide greater awareness and education along with our products about the importance of gut health and nutrition on skin health,” said Hodulik, a clinical nutritionist.

Hodulik said the same friendly bacteria that populate a person’s digestive tract are essential for good skin health, too, but that many practitioners don’t approach skin care within that framework.

Hodulik believes that includes fermented foods such as yogurts, and miso, for example, along with a variety of vegetables, fruits and healthy protein and fats are keys to maintaining gut health.

Nutritional supplements such as fish oil and probiotics boost skin health. During workshops and presentations, DermaMed Solutions staff tackles the correlation between diet and gut and skin health, aiming to educate professional skin-care practitioners about what lurks beneath the surface.

Hodulik keeps tabs on skincare product formulations and sources “clean clinical” ingredients for product formulations.

“Clean clinical” formulations are made locally with a roster of professional developers and formulators, Hodulik said.

The company is noted for MegaPeel, its trademarked microdermabrasion device.

“MegaPeel is unique to us, because we assemble it,” Pinsley said.

Microdermabrasion is the process where tiny crystals are used to gently remove the outer layer of skin, according to WebMD.

One local DermaMed Solutions client endorses the company’s products.

“I particularly like to use the products for our younger patients, as they provide a great exfoliation and brightening of the skin and are great for combating the early signs of aging as well as acne scars,” said Jami Derr, licensed skincare specialist with Kevitch, Chung & Jan Aesthetic Surgery Associates, based in Allentown.

“Our mission is to increase the brilliance [customers feel] in their own skin,” Hodulik said.

About DermaMed Solutions

DermaMed Solutions takes a “whole-istic” approach to skin care. The company’s medical and spa partners benefit from our leading-edge aesthetic technologies, results-oriented skin care and wellness solutions. Since 1998, DermaMed Solutions has provided thousands of spa and medical locations with quality aesthetic equipment manufactured in the USA, such as the hybrid MegaPeel® EX, known as the industry gold standard in microdermabrasion. The company’s dmSkincare line of skin care products and protocols, along with nutritional supplements and home care regimens, provide clients with a multi-pronged approach to offer maximum results.

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