Wellness and Natural Treatments Capture More Revenue

Many aesthetic clinics and day spas are aspiring to capture more revenue. If you have been successful with aesthetic treatments that center around facials and body contouring services with high equipment costs, you may have an opportunity to expand your services in the natural treatment and wellness arena to attract a broader range of clientele.

Product and supply costs continue to rise – and the economy may only allow your clients to spend a limited amount of their budget on their preventative and restorative aesthetic treatments. Even when your clinic or spa is doing well, attracting more clients should always be an area of focus. Expanding your clinic or spa to include Wellness Services and more natural, holistic type treatments can increase your revenue stream, without a lot of capital investment.

Many holistic and integrative physicians and healthcare practitioners are seeing a rise in demand for “alternative” treatments. This includes acupuncture, naturopathy, nutritional healing and Ayurvedic treatments, to name a few.

wellness spa treatments

So, why should the medical community acquire all the benefit? There may be significant opportunity in combining those alternative “medical” treatments with aesthetic services you already offer.

The spa industry has built a reputation as a “luxury.” Men and women are eager to utilize your services, but many view it as an “extra” or a “treat.” This is a great system when the economy is good and consumers have a lot of expendable income, but in a cash-strapped system luxuries are the first to go.

At the same time, while medical clinics see the possibilities and the future of preventative medicine and wellness practices, they may have trouble converting to the culture. Hospitals have opened “wellness” centers and physicians may offer nutritional consultations, but what they lack is the right environment and a motivated consumer. The mainstream and even high-end consumer may not want to go to a medical facility for a wellness treatment. They may not want to be treated as a physician’s patient with a sterile waiting room; this fact is proven in traditional medicine’s lack of success in the wellness arena.

While medical clinics may have trouble integrating alternative medicine into their traditional practices, finding a way to merge with those professionals can be a win-win for both of you as a spa owner. You have an environment where you can tailor offerings to suit the individual needs and desires of your customers. In fact, you are in a perfect position to approach some of those holistic and integrative health professionals and work out deals for referrals and/or partnership in these areas.

Our healthcare system is changing. Increasing costs of medical treatments and prescription medication, even for those with insurance, is forcing the consumer and medical industry to consider taking better care of ourselves as a preventative health measure. This, combined with greater knowledge of the importance of nutrition and focus on wellness, is creating the perfect opportunity for you to expand your services. Offering your clientele wellness and natural, holistic care services, you capture more revenue for your clinic without having to invest in large equipment purchases.

With the right partnership and your customer-oriented environment, you may simply need to do a bit of marketing and education to keep those clients staying in your clinic longer and visiting more often. You already offer a pleasant environment with a feeling of personal service. Once your community begins to see your spa or center as more than a luxury, getting them back, and back more often, will be easier. In addition to a bigger revenue stream, you may find yourself with a good deal of new clients.

Written by Mark Pinsley, President and CEO of DermaMed Solutions, LLC

Published by DermaMed Solutions