Using Your Website to Sell Microdermabrasion and Skincare

Like every part of your business you should be reviewing your website on a regular basis. I don’t mean everyday, but certainly you should be looking at it at least once every six months and probably quarterly.

This isn’t just about updating some of your content but a real review of your site. If you are like most small businesses, you don’t have too many pages to review so it shouldn’t take too much time, but can yield big payoffs in increased traffic to your site and visits to your spa.

Your website is one of the first introductions to your company. In real-estate lingo it creates “curbside appeal”. As you are reviewing your site, here are the four essential pages that you should be focused on:

Homepage – Your homepage is the first page someone sees when they visit your site. You should be able to convey, very quickly, who you are and what you do. The user shouldn’t be confused. If you have been using advertising or direct mail campaigns to drive users to your website, make sure that your brand is consistent with what you have been sending out. Also make sure that the logo that you are using on your advertising shows clearly on your website. This is not the place to be wordy. Keep it short, concise and try to have some offer on the site that will entice them to come to your location.

Services – This is your menu of services. It is a good place to spend a good deal of your time. You should make sure that this section is carefully written. This is the place where you are using flowery words to describe the benefits of your services and why each service is valuable. You also need to make some decisions as to whether or not you would like to include your pricing on the website. If you include the pricing, you maybe provide your competition with a lot of information about you. However some prospective customers really want to understand price and they don’t want to pick up the phone.

On your menu it is good to have some of the services listed by benefit. For example you can list Microdermabrasion treatment. There are many people that know what that is and they are looking for that kind of treatment. You should also consider listing some of the benefits as separate treatments. For example you could have “Backne – a treatment to reduce the acne on your back. This treatment is a combination of microdermabrasion and topical skincare used to quickly reduce the bacteria that causes acne and smooth the skin.”

The clearer it is for end users to understand the benefits, the easier it is to sell them on having multiple procedures.

This is also a good place to advertise any coupons or gift certificate programs that you offer.

About Us – This is where you tell visitors about you. It is a great place to have pictures and show you and your staff. You want people to understand how your business got started, what your philosophies are and any other way that they can begin to relate to you. Your business is a personal and the goal here is for  your client to connect with you.

Contact Us – An important page, and it doesn’t just have to be one page, the contact information can be at the bottom of every page. The key is helping people get in touch with you. If you have an email account and you are going to put it on the site, be sure that you are actually answering that email. If you aren’t answering email quickly then don’t include an email address on the site. It is better to have people call you than for you to not respond in a timely manner. Also, if you are not always available to answer your phone, I would recommend an answering service. Once again this is a personal business. You want people to feel comfortable. And if you are sending people to voice mail, that doesn’t feel personal.

Once you make all of the changes to your website, have an outsider look at it. Don’t have a good friend who is just going to give you complements. Find a person who is going to be really critical of the site. You want to ask them to do certain things:

  1. Can you find a particular service that you have listed?
  2. Can you easily enter you contact information?
  3. Do you understand our business?
  4. Do you know where we are located?

If you find the site isn’t doing what you need. Find a professional to help. Your website is important, it shouldn’t look like a DIY job.

Good Luck