The Mission to Exterminate the Spiders

It’s been over six months since we acquired DermaMed Solutions and I must say I’ve experienced some things I never thought I would before owning an aesthetics company.    My background is in Sales & Marketing, and Ginger’s was on the science side, so my expectation was that she would be getting the treatments and I’d be on the creative side. And while I’ve always cared about my appearance, I never thought I’d find myself on the treatment room table as often as I have during these past months.

It all started with my nose.  As I have aged, these annoying little red spider veins have begun to multiply and take up real estate on my nose.   As if it’s not bad enough to have these things, even worse is the fact that some people assume they are caused by excessive drinking.  For the record, I’m not a drinker, but as the President of an aesthetics company  I felt compelled to look the part and send my spiders packing.   I began to research my options.  We have three products that I considered for the job:

  • The MegaPeel Microdermabrasion.  A great choice for smoothing my fine lines and controlling my adult acne, but not the right choice for vascular annoyances like my spiders.
  • The Quadra Q4 Intense Pulsed Light.  This could be used for the job and according to Ginger, if I use a little IPL Prep from the dmSkincare line pre-zap, I’d have even better results.
  • The DermaYAG 1064:Nd YAG laser.  The most powerful tool in our toolbox for this type of job.

And so the treatments began.  I was warned that the tip of the nose is a sensitive spot and that this might sting a little.  As with many things, the final decision came down to availability and in this case the availability of the right type of protective eye wear.  While I had decided to go with the YAG, someone had borrowed my protective eyewear and when I was ready to get my treatment, we could not find them.  So, on to choice #2, the Intense Pulsed Light. 

Even with my eyes closed and eye protection, the flash from the pulse was startling and the zap on my nose felt a bit stronger than the snap of a rubber band.  The treatment consisted of five pulses.  Afterwards I applied ice to my nose and did experience some minor swelling.  Within 30 minutes I looked in the mirror and was pleased to see most of those little spiders had disappeared. 

A few months have passed and there are still a few stubborn spiders remaining.  I plan to attack those with the YAG before the summer.

What I’ve learned…

Aesthetics are not just for women.  Those spider veins have annoyed me for years, and now I feel happy that they are gone. 

No pain, no gain.  Actually it was not that painful, but I was warned by the aestheticians that men are not as tough as women when it comes to these things.

Be realistic in your expectations.  Perfection is not always achieved on the first attempt.

Take before and after pictures.   You may not realize how much change takes place without them.

– Mark