Sugar, Not Always So Sweet


Chocolates and flowers are the traditional tokens of love exchanged on Valentine’s Day.

We all enjoy receiving something sweet from our sweetheart, but did you know that sugar plays a significant role in skin aging?

The culprit is a natural process that is known as glycation, in which the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called Advanced Glycation End products, appropriately called AGEs for short. As AGEs accumulate, they damage nearby proteins, like those that make up our skin. Collagen and elastin, the protein-based components of skin that keep it elastic, are highly susceptible to this type of damage — with the end result of sagging, wrinkled skin. In addition, the AGEs deactivate your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, leaving you more vulnerable to sun damage, which is the top cause of premature skin aging.

So, what to do? It is easy to say, but often times hard to do… limit sugar intake in the diet. An occasional treat is fine, especially if you choose dark chocolate which contains compounds that actually benefit the skin. Also, be aware that sugar, like the kind you put in your coffee or drink in a soda, is not the only damaging type. Sugars are also found in refined carbohydrates like white bread and pastas, cakes, and other white starches.

Although eating antioxidant-rich foods like dark chocolate, green tea, and berries will not prevent glycation, it will provide your body with the building blocks required to support new skin cell formation. Another key to building healthy skin is by ingesting omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in DermaMed Solutions Omega-3 supplement. It is great for managing inflammation, acne and psoriasis, in addition to supporting brain function. Omega-3s are amazing multi-taskers and the 80/60 EPA to DHA ratio in our supplement is ideal for all of these conditions.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the sugar, opt for different kind of sweet treat like a heart-felt poem, a collection of romantic songs, or do a kind favor for your loved one.

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Sugar is sweet but healthy skin and good health is even sweeter!

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