Stand for the Silent

Recently my daughter, Jada, attended a school event where an organization called Stand for the Silent made a presentation about the serious emotional consequences of bullying. My daughter came home with a passion for the cause. I was impressed.

SFTS has a list of over 55,000 children that have taken their lives in the last 7 years due to being bullied. That is 8,000 children per year, or 22 per day. Almost 1 child per hour for the last 7 years has ended their life due to a bully.

Stand for the Silent (SFTS) addresses the issue of school bullying. During the lecture many facts and emotional stories were provided about the widespread prevalence of bullying. More importantly, they told some of the terrible stories about how children have been affected by bullying. While we may have all gotten bullied in school in our younger years, it is so much worse today. The kids cannot get away from the bullying. Prior to social media, we could go home and at least while we were in our house there was no bullying going on (assuming a family member wasn’t the bully). Today the kids are texting and on all different types of social media. They are being bullied on their phone, on websites, on Instagram and so many other places. It may seem to the kids that no matter where they are, or where they go, the bullies are right there with them. It may seem obvious that they should just turn off all of their electronic devices and the bullies disappear from the screen, but it isn’t obvious to them, and more importantly they know their friends are seeing it.

When the electronic medium wasn’t so prevalent, even the bullies had a much smaller audience. Most people didn’t know what was going on between you and the bully. The bullying was contained to a smaller group of people. Now everyone can know, even people who the kids don’t know find out. And the laws are just starting to catch up to this kind of bullying. There is very little a school can do, since online bullying, for the most part, is considered off of school grounds.

SFTS is trying to teach kids about respect, love, hope and aspiration. Above all, the main lesson taught is that “I am somebody” and that “somebody” can help “other somebodies”. We don’t need to sit around watching bullying; we can participate in ending it.

I loved this program and learning about it from my daughter. This program coincides with DermaMed Solutions’ mission which is to “bring out the brilliance that comes from comfort in your own skin”. When I think about someone who is bullied and commits suicide, it means they couldn’t find the comfort in their own skin.

We have seen that many kids are bullied or criticized due to their appearance. It could be how they dress or simply embarrassment over acne. While we try to treat these skin conditions naturally and whole-istically, we cannot treat the emotional aspects related to acne or other conditions.

Genuine brilliance comes from confidence on the inside, not the outward physical appearance. When children achieve this, they are able to succeed in school and later in life.

We at DermaMed Solutions, applaud programs like these that help people find comfort in their own skin, and we are hopeful that this comfort brings out their “brilliance” and that their light can shine on and be added to our community light making us all stronger, happier and more loving.

Please support those in need of comfort by donating to

If you or someone you know is being bullied; please call their hotline: 1.855.201.2121 (private and confidential).


Written by Mark Pinsley, President and CEO

Published by DermaMed Solutions