Razor bumps got you down? Mandelic acid will come to your rescue!

Pseudofolliculitis barbae, razor bumps, shaving bumps — call them what you like, but I call them annoying!  Whether it’s on your face for the gentlemen or in your bikini area for the ladies, these bumps are especially irritating in the summer months when you add frequent shaving with high heat and humidity to the picture.

Razor bumps occur in areas where the hair is curly and the skin sensitive.  They happen when the hair grows inward back into the skin, causing inflammation.  I personally have used a very popular product (which I will not name here) to prevent shaving bumps… the one that is dispensed from a roller applicator and burns like heck when you apply it.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it feels like a hot iron when you roll it on directly after shaving, however, it did an okay job of keeping the bumps at bay.  Then one day, Darnell Wise, our VP of sales told me how his skin had changed since using our dmSkincare mandelic serum every day.  He applies it right after shaving, and where he used to have irritation and razor bumps there now lives beautiful, smooth skin.  The light bulb went off in my mind, why am I subjecting myself to the daily burn and deep breathing exercises to manage pain each morning after I shave my bikini area when we have this magical mandelic serum that I can use.  The very next day, I tried it.  No burning, and better than that, no bumps!  I have started using this under my arms now too, because during the summer I get some heat-related rashes in that area.  Like magic that has cleared up too.

What is the secret sauce here?  Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid which comes from bitter almonds. One of the qualities that make it really unique is that it has a larger molecule size than other acids such as glycolic and lactic; therefore it penetrates the skin much more slowly, and not as deeply.  Mandelic acid is an anti-microbial agent, which is what makes it work so well in acne management and for those pesky rashes.  Our dmSkincare mandelic serum also contains salicylic acid which increases skin cell turnover, reducing the formation of bumps and refining skin texture. In addition to that, it has willow bark and tea tree oil which offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial attributes to the product, rounding out this multi-faceted approach to controlling razor bumps.

Have razor bumps got you down this summer?  Give our mandelic serum a try and say hello to beautifully smooth skin.