OMG! – That is my reaction to the new Reaction


Recently we partnered with a fabulous company to sell their bi-polar, multi-radio frequency device to our customers, called the Reaction. We had been looking for a high-quality and effective device to fill a hole in our product offering. We wanted a device that would do skin tightening and fat reduction for face and body to complement our current offering of anti-aging products that target concerns such as skin texture and pigmentation. After an exhaustive search we decided on the Reaction.

I had heard about radio frequency, but had never experienced it. The first step in the launch process was for our staff and sales team to be trained on the device. This involved volunteers, and I was happy to raise my hand for a treatment or two. First of all, let me back up and tell you a little about what makes this device unique. There are many devices on the market that can help with skin tightening and fat reduction, but there are no others that can work on both areas at the same time, in one treatment. This is possible because of a patented CORE (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) technology in the Reaction which allows various depths of tissue to be treated simultaneously through the use of a vacuum system. Utilizing various hand pieces, treatments can be done on all areas from head to toe including:  eyes (even eye lids), face, chin and neck, and all areas of the body, including the hands. As I listened to our fabulous trainer, Andrea, I was making a mental list of all of the body parts I wanted to treat… my eyes, the stretched out skin on my belly, and the chub and loose skin on the back of my arms.  I opted to start with my stomach. I was absolutely amazed at how comfortable the treatment was. Even though the system utilizes heat, I didn’t feel it. That is because of the chilled hand piece which keeps the patient comfortable during the procedure. My tummy instantly felt tighter, and even though I know it will take 6 or so treatments to see dramatic results, I was pleased with the immediate effect. Next, I watched Kelly receive a treatment on her eye area. She is a young woman and does not even need this treatment as far as I am concerned, yet when one eye was completed and we compared it to the other side, I saw an uplifted, tighter eye lid! The biggest before and after I witnessed was when we treated the fat under the chin of one of our staff. As with the other demos, we treated one side and then compared sides. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I saw a quarter of an inch of reduction in size on the treated size vs. the non-treated side, and that’s with just one treatment!  What is so amazing about this technology is that the fat is broken down and pushed towards the lymphatic system for elimination, while at the same time the skin is tightened. The skin tightening effects lasts for good or as long as Mother Nature allows; meaning we can’t stop future aging, but we can undo the effects of past aging, so as the subject ages, skin may get lax as it naturally would. The fat effects last as long as a significant weight gain does not occur to fill the area in again. 


Another really interesting differentiating point that separates our device from other fat reduction systems like Cool Sculpting and other crylipolysis systems was discussed during our training. With devices like Cool Sculpting, the fat cells are completely destroyed in a process called apoptosis. When a person regains weight in the treated area, a bumpy appearance is often experienced in the surrounding areas. Reaction utilizes a proprietary technology, called CORE to stimulate collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts while targeting the fat cell at the same time. Unlike cryolipolysis therapy which can only be used for fat reduction by freezing the fat cell thus causing death (apoptosis), the radiofrequency  used in the Reaction works to heat the tissue, shrink the fat cells (lipolysis), tighten the skin, increase diffusion of oxygen released by red blood cells, increase metabolism and does not leave the skin lumpy. Reaction incorporates vacuum therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system to then help the body eliminate unwanted waste by promoting circulation. Many medical spas use Reaction to smooth the bumpy texture left behind by Cool Sculpting treatments.  In my mind, the Reaction technology is far superior and is the obvious choice.

I am beyond excited about this new technology that we are offering to our customers! The results I am seeing seem too good to be true for a procedure that is painless and non invasive. I hope our customers and your clients are as thrilled with the Reaction as we are!  Let us know if you would like to schedule a demo. You have to see this to believe it, but I am certain that your reaction to the new Reaction will be as positive as mine. 

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Written by Ginger Hodulik MS, CNS, Co-owner and Vice President of R&D for DermaMed Solutions, LLC.