Oh how times flies!

On July 11, we will celebrate our one year Anniversary with DermaMed Solutions.  What a year it’s been!  Mark and I came from the wellness space, with a nice collection of experience in various areas between the two of us.  Although neither of us had any experience working in aesthetics, we felt that there was a natural connection between wellness and skin and so we ventured together to acquire DermaMed.  As our first year comes to a close, we have accomplished much and learned A LOT.  

My takeaways:

Our customers have the answers.   It’s interesting, in my training as a wellness coach we were told over and over again that the “client holds the answers” and that we were just there to offer support along the way. The same is true with serving the aesthetic market.  Our customers know what they want and need and listening to our customers will lead us in the right direction.  Our success lies with helping to make our customers successful!

Dedicated employees are critical to success.  We inherited our employees from the previous owner.   We were told that they were great, but we did not know for sure until we started working with the team.  What I have learned is that dedication to the company and to serving our customers is the critical quality required for success. It’s not necessarily about experience, education or anything material.  Attitude, dedication and personal work ethic are the attributes in a team that make a company great. We are very fortunate and thankful to have inherited a team full of these qualities!

Wellness and skin do go together!  This has proven to be very true!   I’ve spent some time getting to know our customers, traveling around giving lectures on nutrition for healthy skin.  I also attended the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, a meeting of leaders in the spa industry.  Ironically, the conference was renamed just this year to include the word “wellness” in the title.  Our market research tells us that spas and wellness do fit together and we have a fabulous opportunity to offer some new and exciting wellness products and services to our existing and new customers.   Good things are coming soon.

Our accomplishments this year were many – we rebranded, creating a whole new logo, look and feel to our products and advertising; we attended several tradeshows and began advertising again; we hosted local educational seminars in FL, NY, NV, and AZ; we introduced our first nutritional supplements, and we reformulated, repackaged, and re-launched the dmSkincare line with several  fabulous new products and protocols.  The new dmSkincare has been very well-received and we are happy to report huge growth in this area of our business.  

Exciting new products and announcements are coming in the upcoming months.  I don’t want to give too much away … but I am thrilled with the work we have done this year and am even more inspired by the direction we heading.    We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve this business to best meet the needs of our customers, while maintaining our core values and mission.  Thank you for your support over the past year and keep communicating your needs and desires to us as we move full speed ahead into year two with an open mind and a desire to serve our customers with the best products and services on the market!