Microdermabrasion Treatments Get a Boost

Microdermabrasion has been a staple in the industry for quite some time now.
We have seen a number of companies that have tried to develop something
new perhaps by using water instead of crystals, or by adding LEDs onto the
microdermabrasion equipment. While these new inventions are interesting and fun,
there isn’t any evidence that they work better than traditional microdermabrasion.

What we have found is that you can combine microdermabrasion with other
procedures to boost the anti-aging results that the customer is trying to achieve. The
recent acquisition of ExcellaDerm has brought several new products to DermaMed
that we are very excited about. During the upcoming weeks we will introduce these
products to you so you can offer new treatment options to your clients – ones that
yield results!

One of the first items that we are excited to share is our new medical grade
silicone mask. It can be used immediately after microdermabrasion to enhance the
absorption of skincare products deep into the skin, while detoxifying the skin as well.

Over the years we have continued to perfect our microdermabrasion equipment,
making it easier for you to deliver treatments to your customers and provide consistent results.
We are now spending a considerable amount of Research and Development time working
on protocols that can be combined with microdermabrsaion to magnify the results
of a treatment. Good skin care treatments don’t need to have a lot of bells and
whistles. The key is figuring out a way to deliver the right nutrients to the layers of
the skin where they will be most effective. This is where we feel we stand above the

ExcellaDerm has brought a lot of new ideas and products to our shelves. We
believe that the combination of ExcellaDerm and DermaMed Solutions will give
a tremendous boost to the industry, and is going to provide clients with new
opportunities to use non-invasive methods of anti-aging practices to look and feel their best.