List Your Microdermabrasion Services Locally

It is hard to believe but more than 70% of all Americans use the Internet. It has become a fantastic resource for getting information. Typically, I use the Internet to find all of my information. But yesterday, I found myself pulling out the Yellow Pages. I needed a plumber. I had searched on the Internet first, but I didn’t get the information I wanted because many local vendors are not advertising on the web. Yellow Pages Local Listing Microdermabrasion Business

The first lesson here is  that you should still continue advertising in the yellow pages. People still use it. It might not be their first source, but it is still a good source of information. In particular it is good for providing information on local businesses.  That is why people still use it, to find a local business. While you don’t need to have the biggest advertisement, I would suggest that you do more than a single line ad.  You should list some of your top services right on the yellow page advertisement.  Make sure your key messaging is clear.

Google Places Local Listing Microdermabrasion  

To maximize your exposure, you also need to make sure you get yourself listed in the local online directories.  If more of the local businesses had been listed, I would not have pulled out the yellow pages in the first place. One of the most popular and free listing services is Google Places.

Using Google Places  will enable your business to show up on the Google map. You can choose categories like spa, medical spa, dermatologist and many other categories. This will help people find you, if they choose to search online.

Google isn’t the only directory being used.  There are many other directory services as well. There’s Bing, Yahoo, Switchboard, Hotfrog and many others that offer either free or pay for listings.

It is worth taking the time to get your business listed. In many cases you can do this on your own. It just takes some time and patience, and perhaps the help of a teenager. If you don’t have that available you can use a service like Directory Maximizer, who will help list your business. There are also companies like Yodle and REACHLOCAL. These companies offer services to help you maximize your local exposure.

Every directory that you submit to is another chance to be found online. It’s important to make sure you’re listed in the popular directories and also in any local directories that might be available to you.


Good luck!