Unexpected Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has provided unexpected benefits and improved quality of life to those in the military.

Nathanial Miletta, M.D. is an Army Captain and a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He has conducted a new study at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. to assess the impact of laser hair removal on amputees.

You may be asking why amputees would benefit specifically from laser hair removal. After amputation, a prosthesis is placed around a rubber sleeve on the limb. This rubber sleeve, and the presser from walking on the prothetic device, causes sweating, itching, irritation, pain, pulling of hair as well as having to shave the area. When conditions of the skin are not optimal, these irritations can lead to infections and abscesses. About 40% of military service members with amputations report skin problems such as these. Dr. Miletta has said that these problems, “Severely affect the quality of life of our wounded warriors,” and improvement could be made through laser hair removal.

The study, “Improving Quality of Life in Wounded Warriors with Traumatic Amputations: The Promising Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at the Residual Limb-Prosthetic Socket Interface” was presented by Dr. Miletta at 2014 ASDS Annual Meeting in San Diego in November 2014.

The study was conducted on 10 veterans with a total of 16 prosthetic limbs. Each wounded warrior received one to six laser hair removal treatments and all reported an improvement in physical symptoms such as sweating, irritation and pain, emotional influence such as frustration, and impact on functioning such as exercise and work. The change in sweating is notable, as 80% of patients reported a benefit in reduced sweating. Dr. Miletta has said, “That was unexpected – and potentially very exciting. With a decrease in sweating, there is less slippage from the prosthetic, making patients feel more secure. Plus, patients do not get as many friction blisters.”

Dr. Miletta has stated that these benefits of laser hair removal don’t apply just to military personnel, “Overall, laser hair removal provides a great, cost-effective benefit to wounded warriors and could eventually be generalized to the civilian population with traumatic amputations with prostheses.”

Dr. Miletta is continuing his study and has added 15 more military members to look for quantitative measures, not just the subjective improvements already found.

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At DermaMed Solutions we are proud to support the military and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. We are looking forward to the findings of the next study on laser hair removal treatment for our military service members. 

Sources: Dermatology Times and Health News Digest

Published by DermaMed Solutions