How to Market Your Natural Skincare Products Locally – 17 Ideas for Success

The botanical ingredients in natural skincare products can improve skin health, skin appearance, and aid in recovery from procedures like microdermabrasion and laser hair removal, without exposing consumers to harsh chemicals. In fact, consumer demand for natural and organic skin care products is at an all-time high, with the segment growing at rapid pace across the world. Rising concerns for health safety, increasing green consciousness and growing consumer awareness about the hazards in synthetic chemicals have fueled the demand for organic and natural personal care products and treatments. Many spas and dermatologists find that once customers try these clean-clinical treatments, the positive results encourage them to become consistent buyers.

The marketing challenge, then, lies in helping consumers make their initial discovery of these treatments, often by highlighting the reasons why natural, clean-clinical skin care treatments are the best choice and by demonstrating their effects.

Here are 17 Ways to Encourage Customers to Try & Frequently Utilize the Products you’re Selling


1. Educate clients by using product samples during their treatments, explaining the different benefits and advantages of each product. 
At the end of the session, remind the client which products you used and ask if they’d like to purchase any to take home. Offer a sample size of one product with the purchase of a full-size product of the same brand. If you don’t ask for the sale, you are unlikely to make it!

2. Connect specific products to specific skin conditions and specific customer groups. For instance, mention vitA-clear serum™ to a young woman who comes in for an acne consultation, or eye-radiance K’reme™ to a tired mother who wants to minimize dark circles.

3. Encourage existing customers to notice how a product feels on the skin, especially after a significant procedure such as microdermabrasion. Explain how products such as dmSkincare™ back bar protocols and retail products support skin rejuventation and reduce inflammation.

4. Encourage customers to buy skincare kits rather than single items. Explain that kits maximize the benefits of the indicated skin treatment because they are designed to work together – plus there’s a discount for buying the kit vs. purchasing separately.

5. Conduct demonstrations in your office or spa, conducted by professionals. Show customers how to apply the various products and explain the science behind each. This is a great way to educate consumers who are more likely to purchase products when they fully understand how they work. Promote these upcoming demonstrations (and other in-store events) by mentioning them to individuals who call to make, confirm, or inquire about appointments. Build excitement about your products.

6. Social media is key, as you may already know. Encourage your customers to connect with you online by printing your website address, Facebook page, YouTube page, and Twitter handle on your business cards, receipts, and appointment reminders.

7. On your pages, include links to articles on the health benefits of natural skincare products. Consumers will be grateful to have easy access to knowledge about the positive effects of different products.

8. You can also tie-in with our active social media program by joining Twitter and following us @Derma_Med and connecting with us on Facebook! We run contests and offer premiums that amplify the visibility of our brands and yours.

9. Create a short video demonstration of a product or procedure using your smartphone or another digital device. Open a free YouTube account and feature a new video each week. You can also run the videos in-store, on a laptop or tablet. Seeing a procedure is a powerful sales tool.

10. Stage special in-store promotions, like bring-a-friend day or mother/daughter events. Pair each person with a DermaMed Solutions product that’s right for her age and skin type.

11. Get in sync with the seasons. For example, offer special pricing on the daily eclipse duo® in April or May (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere), when people start thinking about sunshine and summer skincare. Begin promoting argan boost serum during ski season when a lipid barrier is critical.

12. Develop a publicity campaign tied to the seasonal interests of local media. For instance, offer to write an article for the local newspaper on how to protect skin while participating in outdoor winter sports. Let the local TV health reporter know that you (or the head dermatologist) are available to comment on stories about sunburn and skin cancer. This type of free visibility builds your reputation and attracts new patients.

13. Ask your best customers for testimonials. Print each testimonial in a beautiful font on elegant paper. Place these around your patient room or frame them to hang on the walls. You might also want to include the customer’s photo with her testimonial so others can see how great she looks. Post testimonials on social media too.

14. Have your stylists and estheticians use the products you sell and mention the products’ benefits to their customers. A passionate user is the best sales tool you have. Be sure your staff has access to the products and you offer them a generous discount to purchase for home use too.

15. Since nutrition is a key component of healthy skin, co-sponsor a Whole Health Day with a local natural foods store or restaurant. Offer a package price for a treatment in the morning, followed by lunch, or a treatment in the afternoon, followed by a light supper. Add a gym or health club to include an exercise component.

16. Reach new clients through hyperlocal advertising, an ideal way to promote special events like Whole Health Day. Most communities have weekly newspapers, penny savers, and entertainment listings that appear online, as well as in print. A modest ad budget can go a long way by using these highly targeted, reasonably priced media outlets. (And many people, including older women, still prefer to read print publications over digital ones).

17. Get familiar with the relatively new field of local search, the premiere way to generate new business. Because of GPS technology, Google My Business other search engine services and maps now highlight those businesses that are near to the location of a user. There are a host of tips and tools that can help your professional skincare company figure more prominently in Google’s search results.

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Just as skin care is a very personalized experience, so is marketing. It’s not necessary to use every one of these suggestions, but take some time to think about your business and use those that fit for you. Repetition is the most persuasive tactic you can use in any sales process, and the first step is making consumers aware of your products. Make sure your customers know what you sell and why you are passionate about it, and the sales will follow.

Written by Mark Pinsley

Published by DermaMed Solutions