How do I use all this stuff?

My time working at DermaMed Solutions with my partner Mark has helped me see that I have this whole breadth of knowledge that he does not have – I know skincare .   Yes, I’m really enjoying this, but feel that I should help him understand the basics since we are in this business together. Even before I began this new work, I was a regular consumer of skincare products.  I knew the difference between a serum and a toner and why I might choose to use these products. Mark on the other hand is lost.  I’m also learning that there are many others who are a bit confused by all the choices too, so in this blog I’ll discuss some basics of skincare.

Most skincare lines are designed to work together in regimens. Typically there’s a morning and evening routine, as well as some weekly or occasional treatments.  Layering of products is done to further enhance the effects of products and achieve certain desired results.

Following is a typical morning skincare regimen:

Cleanse – use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil from the skin.  I use dmSkincare’s  botana-gel cleanser™ which has some alpha hydroxy acids to provide some deeper cleaning and gentle exfoliation.

Exfoliate – my choice for this task is to use an Ultrasonic cleansing brush in while in the shower.  I apply a small amount of botana-gel™ cleanser to the brush and cleanse my entire face.  I love the way this tool helps me to gently cleanse, exfoliate and stimulate my skin.

Serum – a serum is different from a moisturizer.  Its purpose is to deliver an intensive dose of nutrients to the skin. The one I am currently using is dmSkincare’s high potenC serum™.  This 20% vitamin C serum provides the vitamin C needed for collagen and elastin formation and also supports healthy vasculature in the skin.

Eye cream – as a young woman I did not use eye cream, now it’s a staple for me.  I use dmSkincare’s eye radiance eye K’reme™ –  with grape seed extract and vitamin K. It helps to alleviate dark circles and puffiness.  I love this stuff and see visible changes since using it.

Moisturizer- a moisturizer does just that, provides moisture and a lipid barrier to the skin.  My current favorite is our collagen renewal C’reme™.  It contains peptides and Epidermal Growth Factor, clinically proven to increase firmness and moisturization in the skin as well as promote healthy collagen formation.  I’m also a huge fan of our C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion, which is great for sensitive skin like mine.  This is also my daytime choice during the warmer weather when I want something lighter.

Sunscreen – even during the winter you can get sun damage.  I personally use our daily eclipse™ – oil free sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen with SPF 30.   This formulation provides me with light, non-greasy coverage that does not contain any harmful chemicals to irritate my skin.

The nighttime routine is similar, with the addition of a toner and the subtraction of the sunscreen:

Cleanse – I use our gentle cleansing bar – a mild glycerin and coconut oil cleansing bar which contains no detergents and is great for sensitive skin.

Toner – toner is great because it picks up that makeup and dirt that cleansing alone sometimes misses and has an astringent quality to clear the pores.  Our green tea toner contains a small amount of glycolic acid, so it gently exfoliates the skin and removes dirt and oil from the pores.  It also contains hazelnut oil and green tea extract to nourish the skin.

Serum – to boost the impact of your serum even further you can add some AHA salicylic solution after applying a serum to deliver the serum deeper into the skin cells.  For people with acneic or oily skin, we recommend the vitA clear serum™ followed by the AHA.  For someone with hyperpigmentation, you can further enhance the lightening effects by using our claritone serum™ by applying the AHA salicylic serum afterwards. I personally use the AHA salicylic solution on top of my high potenC serum™ for ageing skin to boost collagen and fill my lines.

Moisturize – most people like a creamy moisturizer like collagen renewal C’reme™ or green tea vita-E moisturizer™ – with vitamin E for the evening.

In addition to your daily skin care regimen on a weekly basis, a mask is a great idea.  The dmSkincare retinyl enzyme treatment – with green tea, is a great way to give yourself a deep exfoliation and wonderful glow.

I hope this has helped to clear up the confusion about what to use and when for those who were unsure. There’s no absolute way to approach skincare since we are all different and have unique skin qualities.  Feel free to post your ideas for creative ways to use your skincare products.