A Global Effort Towards Wellness

Global Wellness Day is on June 13th. This is a wellness awareness initiative where we are challenged to be mindful about how our daily life choices affect our health. The goal is to begin this mindset during childhood to create the mentality of a healthy lifestyle early on, however it’s never too late to start on a path of wellness.

Running Global Wellness

For me, the very cool thing about this program is its global reach. I believe that in the US we tend to be very egocentric and forget that there’s an entire global community of people out there with whom we are deeply intertwined with, and that our actions not only affect us as individuals, but also or families, our fellow US citizens, and other people around the world.

Think about the impact of using plastic water bottles, for example. The production of plastic bottles requires millions of barrels of oil per year and the transportation of bottled water from its source to stores releases thousands of tons of carbon dioxide.(1) With oil being such a precious resource and global warming affecting our lives so deeply, why are we not making the connection and drinking from the tap or utilizing reusable glass or stainless steel containers? We have one planet and so it is the job of all of our inhabitants to make changes to stop the destruction. In our hyper-consumer society in the US, we are among the largest contributors to pollution. Developing societies around the world are picking up our convenience mentality too, and discarded plastics are slowing filling our oceans and killing the sea life. We may be inadvertently destroying a precious food source with our bottled water habit. Awareness about this can lead to great change.

In addition to the environmental impact of plastics, we can no longer disregard the health consequences. 93% of Americans age 6 and older test positive for a chemical called bispehnol A, or BPA for short, which is commonly found in plastic water bottles.(2) BPA has been showed to disrupt the endocrine (hormone) system, in addition to causing other negative health conditions, such as loss of tooth enamel and even heart arrhythmia. Additional consequences of drinking these chemicals is obesity, food intolerance and blood sugar dysfunction. In recent years new plastics are being used, but they may not be any better for our health, and are certainly not good for our environment.

Below are the components of the Global Wellness Challenge Maifesto and a few words about how each can be connected to healthy skin:

  • Walk for an hour

Daily exercise helps regulate weight and blood pressure, lowering overall inflammation and improving circulation, reducing rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions.

  • Drink more water

Without water essential nutrients cannot be delivered at the cellular level. In addition, dehydrated skin looks wrinkled and sallow.

  • Don’t use plastic bottles

BPA disrupts hormones which can trigger acne flares and inflammatory skin conditions.

  • Eat organic foods

Pesticides also affect hormones, which in turn triggers acne and inflammation in the skin.

  • Do a good dead

Research tells us that doing good deeds leads to lowered stress and increased contentment for the doer. Lower stress = lower cortisol. High levels of cortisol break down collagen and age the skin. By lowering stress, you slow skin aging.

  • Have a family dinner

The power of human connection is powerful and has been linked to lower rates of depression. Depression and stress deplete B vitamins, essential for skin cell health. In addition, home cooked meals are typically lower in trans fats and higher in fiber and other nutrients. You never really know what goes into a fast food meal, but you have complete control when cooking at home.

  • Get to sleep by 10

A regular sleep schedule is essential for skin health. When are sleep scheduled are erratic, melatonin is lowered. Melatonin and cortisol impact each other, so you will see more collagen breakdown in the skin of a sleep deprived individual.

We challenge you to adopt the Global Wellness Manifesto lifestyle to help improve your wellness (and skin of course!), to do your part for the health of our planet, and to support the greater world community. We are all in this together. If we each adopt small changes, together WE can make big impact.

Written by Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS, Vice President

Ginger Hodulik MS, CNS is the Co-owner and Vice President of R&D for DermaMed Solutions, LLC. If you enjoy her writing you can follow her blog on the website or company Facebook Page.

Published by DermaMed Solutions


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