Featuring AME Salon & Spa

AME Spa of Wayne, PA was founded in 1985 when Lori Pastore had a vision of a wellness spa with Eastern modalities attached to an avant-garde, trend-setting salon.

Since founding, Lori & AME Salon & Spa have won multiple awards nationally, in addition to “Best Of” awards from Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style, and Main Line Today. 

“AME Salon and Spa is an award winning day spa located in the heart of Wayne. The quality of AME service is surpassed only by our enthusiasm for creative hair fashion and calming mind-body purification therapies. When you walk in the door of AME you can instantly feel a sense of great energy and warmth. Whether visiting for the latest in hair fashion or traveling upstairs to the peaceful spa to work on your inner beauty and health, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. The key to AME’s success has always been the ability of our staff to perceive the needs of our clients, to continually improve their craft, and to always give from the heart.” 


At DermaMed Solutions, we believe the condition of your skin is a reflection of your overall well-being. Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin requires a whole-istic approach that incorporates mechanical and topical treatments, but also considers nutrition, mindset and other lifestyle factors as a key component to the program.

Lori & AME Salon & Spa shares our passion for holistic skin care. Lori believes beauty starts in your heart and then shines through on the outside.

“I love to make people feel beautiful both inside and out.” – Lori Pastore of AME Salon & Spa

Visit AME Salon & Spa’s website for all they have to offer, with Facials including the Mega Peel Microdermabrasion and dmSkincare Facial.

“This is a high performance, non-invasive procedure combined of resorcinol, glycolic acid and retinol enzymes followed by microdermabrasion to deliver unsurpassed facial results. Consultation required.”


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