Experiencing DermaMed as a Teenager

By Emily Tarino


As a teenager, there are a lot of options for what my future may behold. From college to what I plan on doing for a career further on. Being prepared and organized is something that I feel is completely and one hundred percent necessary. So when the option of going to Dermamed and participate as an intern for a few days, I immediately knew that was a great idea. As a student, I think it is important to get a glimpse of what some of my options are in real time and real life experience. To say I was pleased with what I saw would be a huge understatement. 

The staff at Dermamed was not only very friendly and welcoming, but they also made sure that I was able to experience more than just the desk life. I was able to attend meetings, sales calls, and even experience a treatment myself. I can easily say that I enjoyed receiving a treatment the most out of everything we did. And it was not a surprise, as what teenage girl would turn down the opportunity to get a skin treatment, especially after the holidays. Tracey, the esthetician was amazing; she approached me about my skin type and was great with making sure what treatment would be best for my skin.

The sales calls were also a very enjoyable experience. I loved seeing the relationships between the employees at Dermamed and the spas they hope to place their products in. This was a great learning experience for a teen like me who is looking into a possibility of working in the business. The two Dermamed employees that took me were super friendly and allowed me an amazing hands on experience.

Taking into account that Dermamed is a skin care company, I was incredibly excited when they allowed me to work with some of the products. Creating samples was a high point in the whole time I spent at Dermamed. The task itself was simple, yet I was able to smell and handle many of the products. I was also able to learn about what goes into these products, how they are made, and what their purposes are.

Being able to be in this work environment has benefited me in more way than I expected. Having seen how this business both operated and is run has shown me a part of what I could possibly be working in the future. I am more than grateful the experience I had while at DermaMed, and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work alongside everyone who works there.DMSLogoSignatureClearBackground