D2O is cool… really

We recently added a product called D2O Solution to our professional back bar product line.  The key ingredient in D2O Solution is deuterium oxide: “heavy water”.  When I first learned about this ingredient I was ingtrigued.  I thought that I remembered hearing something about deuterium oxide being used in nuclear power plants.  Turns out I was right.  It is used to cool the nuclear reactors.  Don’t let that turn you off though.  This is a compound that is naturally occurring at the bottom of lakes and is not manufactured, but is extracted from this water in a separation process.  The resulting compound has a “wetter than water” hydration activity.  Additional ingredients like cucumber and myrrha oil intensity moisture and oxygen, giving the skin an ideal environment to heal and repair.

Not only will it hydrate and plump tissues, but it fights against proliferation of certain acne bacteria as well.  It evaporates more slowly than regular water and provides necessary hydration and natural moisture to the skin.  Because of its ability to cool and resist evaporation it is a great product to use to treat thermal damage to the skin from UV, chemical, or laser induced sources.

We use D2O as a key ingredient in our Hydra Bright Facial protocol, but I bet you can use it in many other ways as well.  Feel free to post your ideas here and call us if you would like a free sample to experiment with.  I hope you will find D2O to be a cool new ingredient as well as a great way to cool and soothe your clients post treatment, so they leave feeling fabulous.

D2O Solution