Burn More Fat Quickly- Guest Blogger


It is amazing what benefits HIIT has. You want to burn more fat quickly? You want a high afterburn effect? You want to save time?
For many of my busy clients this change alone works wonders in terms of well being and weight loss.

What is HIIT? Not training at the same pace and for a long time – but doing short bursts of high intensity training. So: you don’t have much time? Not an excuse!!!

+ what is it? The alternative to endurance exercise is to workout in short intense bursts of 30-60 seconds with twice the time of active recovery (1-2 minutes) to accumulate 4-12 total minutes of high intensity bursts.

+ how to: Warm up for a few minutes, and then go all out with your workout of choice, for 30 -60 seconds. It can be running up the hill, it can be sprints, it can be stairs, jump rope – whatever is easiest for you.
Note: If you can go past 60 seconds, you aren’t doing it hard enough.

Take twice as much time to recover by doing a lower intensity version of the same move or by walking around and then repeat until you accumulate between 4 and 12 minutes of high intensity interval bursts.

in short: + warm up for three minutes min. + burst for 30-60 seconds + recover for 1-2 minutes + repeat to accumulate a total of 8 repetitions. (you can start with 4 and work your way up to 8) + cool down for three minutes plus + you are done. REALLY!!!

The short bursts train your body how to handle stress and recover. The resulting hormone regulation is so important for most of us. The repeated intense bursts raise lactic acid, which in turn raises growth hormone and supports fat burning. And… the more intense the exercise, the bigger the metabolic “cost” after you are done, hence you burn more calories post-exercise.

The most common excuses for not working out are that people don’t have enough time and because they are too out of shape to go to the gym. Both problems are solved with bursting because you can truly do this anywhere in a short amount of time. You can burst exactly to your abilities and fitness level with a jump rope, a bike, a running path or a flight of stairs, and best of all you can do it in under 20 minutes….

Note: This is intense – so bursting should not be done every day to make sure you recover well.
2-3 times per week of bursting is great.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!!