Back To School Skin Care 101

Written by Tracey Coleman, LE

It’s that time of year again for back to school shopping: school supplies, books, and of course a whole closet full of new outfits! As we begin to prepare for this upcoming school year, let’s not forget about our skin. This is the perfect time to get “back in the groove”, or even begin a new skin care regimen. Each generation has its own special needs this time of year to achieve and maintain healthy beautiful skin. Having the right skin care supplies will make the Back to School season even more exciting!



Pre-teens and tweens may be at the learning stages of how to care for their skin. After a summer of swimming, sports camps, and sun exposure, their skin may be on the verge of breaking out or starting to show some dryness. This age is a great time to start with a gentle cleanser and daily sunblock. The cleansing should be done twice a day, with warm water, a washcloth and facial cleanser. Even if you can only get him/her to cleanse when they shower, it will still be a good start. Keep everything gentle, so they don’t over-do it, causing irritation. A thin layer of an oil-free mineral sunblock daily will protect the skin without clogging pores.


Teens and Young Adults

For teens and young adults, it may be time to address some specific concerns such as breakouts, oily skin, or dryness. Putting their “best foot forward” is going to be much easier with the confidence of clear skin. This will take some commitment to a simple routine to see the best results. In addition to cleansing every morning and applying an oil-free sunblock for daytime use, in the evening after cleansing is the time to treat skin with a gentle vitamin A product or  mandelic acid serum to exfoliate and combat breakouts, or a light moisturizer for relieving dryness. But be patient, it will take 6 weeks of consistency to see improvement.


Faces that have been exposed to too much sun this summer may be showing signs of pigmentation as well as lines and wrinkles. Adding a gentle facial scrub twice a week to your routine and including a mandelic acid serum daily will help reduce the signs of sun damage while brightening the skin. Daily sunblock is imperative to prevent further sun damage. This is a great time of year to start receiving professional microdermabrasion treatments and glycolic peels from an aesthetician for more dramatic results.

botana-scrub retouched

Back to school time is often the beginning of new experiences and opportunities. Be prepared not only with new school clothes and supplies, but with new skin care as well! Complete your back to school shopping with new skincare from your local spa, or from our online store – Now that you have a fresh commitment to a regular skincare routine, using clean and effective products, you can face the back to school season with confidence!