Aesthetics – It’s More Than Just Vanity

Before purchasing DermaMed Solutions, I had a certain perspective about the aesthetics business and people who frequently received treatments.  In fact, it was a big concern for both Mark and I as we made our final plans to purchase the company.  We both wanted to be involved in work that helped people to be healthier and happier. What motivated me to get involved with DermaMed was the connection between skin health and gut health.  As a clinical nutritionist, I knew that there was a physiological connection between internal GI health and external skin appearance, and many times when a person is experiencing skin rashes and conditions such as psoriasis and eczema the root cause is actually poor nutrition or an imbalance of gut flora or essential nutrients.  I realized that I had a unique opportunity to help people make connections like this.  So, when we were writing our business plan and mission statement, it became clear that our mission was, “to uncover the brilliance that comes from comfort in your own skin.”

What I have come to learn is that the definition of “comfort” varies from person to person. For some, it is truly a relief from the discomfort that accompanies skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne.  We can use natural skincare products, nutritional protocols, microdermabrasion, laser and IPL treatments to provide the much needed relief, with the end result of “comfort.”

For others “comfort” has to do with the external appearance.  Again, it could be the insecurity and low self-esteem that comes from having acne or redness from rosacea.  Or, it might be a scar left behind on the leg or other area from an accident or surgery.  I had no idea that our MegaPeel microdermabrasion had so many uses!   It really is more than just vanity.

The best “comfort” story I have heard so far was one told to me by our skincare formulator, Cindy.  One summer night, Cindy and her husband went out for an ice cream cone.  The young lady behind the counter had severe facial scarring.   Cindy knew she had availability to products and treatments that could help erase the scars, but she was not sure how to approach the young lady.  In the end, she sheepishly approached the young woman and handed her a card telling her that if she was interested that there was a way to diminish the scarring on her face.  The young girl immediately opened up and told the story of how she had received the scars as the result of an accident. She was very eager to try anything to restore her smooth, youthful skin again.  The two made plans to meet at Cindy’s clinic.  For months the young lady received microdermabrasion and skincare treatments, and in the end dramatic improvements were seen in her skin. The improvement was so significant that her confidence was restored and the young lady decided to pursue her lifelong dream of performing on stage.  She managed to get an audition for a job with Disney as a performer  singing in the live shows.  She got that job and moved to Orlando where she is still performing and living her dream today.

What an inspiring story!  Yes, some of us are just plain old vain or just not willing to age without a fight.  Others have scarring or skin conditions that affect their self-esteem, which spills over into every aspect of their social and daily living – impacting the choices they make in life.  No matter what the motivation or situation, the important thing for me is that the work we do helps people to “uncover the brilliance that comes from comfort in their own skin” and in turn enables people to live their lives to the fullest level of contentment.  I’m honored to be on this journey,  and vow to do my best to bring the highest quality nutritional, skincare and mechanical products and services to skincare professionals so that they can help their clients live their most brilliant lives.

– Ginger