A new spin on a classic – the dmSkincare Salicylic Peel

At DermaMed Solutions we keep an R&D wish list for the dmSkincare line.  This is a list of products we want to develop and bring to market, and each year we review it and choose a few to invest in to keep our line fresh and exciting.   Some of the ideas come from customers, some from our staff, and many from observing industry trends.   A salicylic peel has been on the list for years, but with many salicylic peel options already in the market, it had fallen to the bottom of the list. Until this year when we found a little twist to make it unique!

Salicylic acid has been essential for skincare professionals forever.  A beta hydroxy acid, which is gentler to the skin than glycolic and lactic peels, it is a staple for oily and acneic skin types.  It does not kill the acne bacteria, but rather clears out the pores, preventing the acne from settling in and causing pimples.  Salicylic acid works by penetrating deep into the skin to address causes of acne at its root – in the pores.   Salicylic acid is an exfoliating ingredient that is chemically similar to aspirin. Like aspirin, salicylic can remove redness and inflammation as it opens pores.  It breaks down fatty compounds such as sebum which clogs the pores and allows for bacterial overgrowth.   Over the counter products typically contain 1-2% salicylic acid, whereas higher concentrations of 10-30% are used medically and in the spa setting to do facial peels.

In addition, salicylic acid increases cell turnover. This rejuvenates the skin, increasing collagen production and also helping to remove discoloration, making it an anti-aging agent as well.  Sounds like a great acid peel, doesn’t it?  There is one common complaint from those that receive salicylic peels; it can leave the skin overly dry and with a tight feeling.   And, as skincare professionals are well aware, over drying the skin can stimulate an increase in oil production – exactly opposite of what we are trying to accomplish.  To balance the hydration level of the skin, we added a fabulous new ingredient to our peel – PENTAVITIN®.

PENTAVITIN® ensures an instant, deep hydration by generating a moisture reservoir that lasts for up to 72 hours.  The secret to its effectiveness lies in understanding the difference between moisturizing and hydrating.  Moisturizing is like splashing water on your face. It will get wet and feel moist.  Hydration on the other hand, is sustained moisturizing.  Our skin contains a compound called natural moisture factor, NMF which binds to, and holds water.  PENTAVITIN® contains a bio-identical form of NMF which holds water in the layers of the skin for 72 hours.  Adding this ingredient to our peel allows us to address the excess oil, clear out the pores, and stimulate collagen without over drying the skin and cause more oil production.

Why not try our new twist on an old favorite? Give your clients the beautiful, clear skin they desire without leaving them feeling thirsty for moisture.