5 Hands-On Methods for Engaging Local Skin Care Prospects

While digital communications and social media have created fresh options for marketing your services (which today should include at least one clean clinical skin care line), don’t overlook some of the older, tried and true methods for cultivating new customers and combining them with social media. Here are five ideas for engaging local prospects that combine the best of the old and the new.


1) What’s Your Type?

Host a skin typing event at your location, where people stop in, take a short quiz to identify their skin type (dry, oily or combination), and get free advice on what products and skincare routines will work best for them. The week prior to the event, purchase ads in weekly newspapers (not the main newspaper) and on local websites that include a coupon for the free consultation. Ask people to print or clip the coupon and bring it to the event. The coupon on each advertising medium should carry a distinctive code so that you can track which ads delivered the most prospects. That way you will know the best way to allocate future ad buys. You might also want to keep notes on the demographics of people who attend your event. If, for instance, you see that most of the coupons were clipped by young mothers, then you can target future events specifically to that customer segment.

2) The Great [Anytown] Teen Face Off

This is a one-week event that takes place on Facebook and is targeted at teens. On your company’s Facebook page, post a short (2 to 3 minutes) video demonstrating a skincare routine for teens. Keep the topic simple, such as “The Best Morning Face Wash Routine” or “How to Remove Makeup Before Bed.” In the video, suggest specific products (obviously we recommend dmSkincare – like this acne kit) for each routine or skin type. Purchase ads promoting the video and tell Facebook to show them only in the feeds of teen girls who live in your area. Each day, post an offer for a special deal or premium on the products, as well as on services such as microdermabrasion. Invite viewers to post questions about skincare issues and answer the questions at the end of each day. If this event is successful, you might consider repeating it, only targeting different demographic groups, such as new moms or ‘wise women’ (over 50). You could also connect this event to a holiday, calling it, for example, The Great Valentine’s Day Face Off.

3) Skin in the Game

Nothing engages townspeople like local sports, since all of the players are the friends and relatives of area residents. Consider purchasing team booster ads in school publications, area weekly papers and local websites. Teenage boys are always having trouble with acne and their parents are always looking for advice. Offer skin typing consultations, product samples and ‘bring-a-friend’ events to team members. Try finding out who the coaches are and ask them if you can provide a pamphlet to the students on acne/back acne etc. The pamphlet should link back to an area on your website that provides greater information.

4) Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good

Partner with a local charity that is related to skin care and/or to one of your key target audiences. Most communities have at least one nonprofit that hosts an annual charity walk you could sponsor. The local chapter of the American Cancer Society might have a skin cancer support group you can assist. The area hospital might join you in hosting a skin care clinic for people with lupus or another condition that adversely impacts skin. There are many charities that raise money through silent auctions; donate an oxygenation treatment or a microdermabrasion procedure to one of them.

5) Down to Business

Partner with a cosmetic designer who does makeovers for local business women. Co-promote an event that shows how to use skincare before and after the makeover. Invite prospects to come in to learn a customized beauty routine that’s quick and easy for busy women. Many of the suggestions offered here can be combined in different ways to meet the specific needs of your practice and your local area. Take the time to think about the everyday headaches and hassles that your ideal customer must deal with, as well as that same customer’s dreams and desires. Then come up with something that you can do to help address their irritants or aspirations. The help you can provide will be the topic of your next hands-on event or promotion.

Written by Mark Pinsley, President and CEO

Published by DermaMed Solutions