3-in-1 Super Oxygen Facial Treatment Now Offered at The Spa at Four Seasons

Pollogen’s 3-in-1 Super Facial utilizes OxyGeneo technology with the NEW geneO+ smart-touch facial platform, a revolutionary anti-aging solution that redefines cosmetic treatments. OxyGeneo is a treatment procedure that combines 3 skincare treatments: exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and infusion of revitalizing nutrients, plus ultrasound!

The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto, known for having the highest standard in pampering and quality, is excited to now offer its guests OxyGeneo, the latest in facial treatments as one of their premium facial skincare solutions. After conducting an in-depth research of the latest and best technologies in the marketplace, the Spa recognized OxyGeneo as the top-rated skin rejuvenation technology and chose to add it to its top-of-the-line facials.” 

Similar to the natural hot springs effect, the geneO+ Super Facial is the world’s first system that significantly accelerates the absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients by the skin combining exfoliation, nutrient infusion, oxygenation from within and ultrasound.


Pollogen has partnered with DermaSpark, its exclusive distributor in Canada, for this strategic project. “We are pleased that the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto chose to add OxyGeneo to its prestigious line of facials,” commented Amichai Bar-Nir, CEO (Pollogen Ltd.). “The Spa is not only receiving the best facial treatment technology in the market but it is partnering with Pollogen Ltd., a global leader in medical aesthetic devices, and DermaSpark, a veteran marketer of high-end aesthetic solutions. DermaSpark, that is renowned for its unsurpassed customer support, will provide the Spa with training and long term clinical, technical and marketing support. A true partnership for success.”

DermaMed Solutions, a distributor for Pollogen in the USA, is proud of thier friends in Canada for doing such a great job distributing Pollogen’s GeneO+ in their region.

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Published by DermaMed Solutions