Paraben, phthalate, sulfate, artificial fragrance & color, and petroleum free, dmSkincare™ can help improve common skin problems of all skin types. The dmSkincare™ line features powerful antioxidants and botanical ingredients to manage inflammation and  maximize results. Synergistic combinations provide nutrition, protection and incredible results without irritation or exposure to toxic chemicals.

daily eclipse® tinted sunscreen SPF 30

Oil-free, tinted sunscreen for daily and post treatment use. A sheer hint of color to even skin tone.

ageless CBD™ lotion

Light hydrating lotion helps prevent signs of aging.

GLY10™ exfoliating lotion

Clinical strength exfoliator that penetrates deeply to stimulate collagen and brighten dull skin.

hydra repair mask™

Calms irritable skin and is great for post-treatment.


A highly moisturizing formula with liquid oxygen & crystals.

Aromatherapy Body Oil Gift Set

Essential oils to soothe inflammatory muscles and relax the body

calm and balance™ – moisturizing stress relief

An essential oil blend to relax and gently re-energize.

soothe and restore™ – moisturizing muscle relief

An essential oil blend to soothe inflammation and muscle pain.

green tea vita-E moisturizer™

Light day or night moisturizer to soothe skin.

collagen renewal C’reme™

Reduce fine lines and environmental damage with Vitamin C, Edelweiss and Teprenone.


Daily vitamin C moisturizer. Supports collagen, prevents redness with anti-aging & anti-inflammatory properties.

derma renewal gel™

Cooling gel to increase hydration and renew skin.

argan boost serum™

Amazing moisture retention and healing properties.

daily eclipse ® – oil free sunscreen with SPF 30

Oil-free SPF 30 protection without inflammatory chemicals!

hydrating kit

This kit is designed for normal to dry skin as well as sensitive or mature skin.

post treatment/sensitive kit

At-home care after aggressive treatments or sensitive skin types.